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Sunday, 3 July 2011

A tower for a maiden .... any offers ???

Hiya .... Well castles are on the agenda again ..well parts of castles in fact towers to be precise a new model I have just made for sale ... although not fully completed I thought I would share it as it stands . I really enjoyed doing this and the walls and so much texturing of stonework to be done . Again it started out as one idea and well it progressed what do you think ? I still have "naturise" it a bit but the build and concept is all there . I gave it a balcony to start with but was'happy with it as it would have looked good if it was a complete tower but just looked as though it had been stuck on , I still have to put an oak door into the gap or maybe not ...mmmm we'll see!!


  1. WOW! un trabajo espectacular, cualquier doncella estaría agradecida de estar atrapada en esa torre! Felicitaciones por un excelente trabajo (as always)
    Un abrazo

  2. The castle is fantastic ... The details of the walls are amazing! I love your job.

  3. wow you make some amazing minis!

  4. It is beautiful! I love it!

  5. It's superb, colour and texture just awesome.

  6. I thought it was a real castle until I saw the interior!!!

  7. I would LOVE that castle. It's beautiful. If it's for sale, I would be interested.

  8. You will notice that i have deleted your email address from your comment hope you dont mind but now it shows up as i have written it cant seem to work that one out.

  9. Hi Paul
    I finally received the source, was eager to have her in my hands enjoy your handiwork, the magnificent copnsidero
    The fountain is really nice, very well done, I've been admiring for a while, turning, watching the water cascading down ...... I enjoyed.
    Thank you very much for such a generous gift, I was lucky to touch the drawing q
    A big kiss


  10. I´ts very nice and well done.
    I like your work very much