Thursday, 1 September 2011

Oh my so long since my last post ....

I am very sorry but I have been off the blogspot for quite a while I've been trying to sort out my Facebook account but also busy making for my first trade show .... but no excuses ME BAD !!
Anyway welcome to my new followers and I hope you enjoy what blogs I do publish ...eventually,sporadic call it what you will.
So what have I done well firstly a new house , this is made from a kit carcase then with a bit work to create the exterior finish and roof . The interior is still work in progress but I'll let you know on that.


  1. Quite different to see this type of architecture from you, the stonework is fabulous as always.

    Good luck with the trade fair!!!!!

  2. Your house is fantastic. The stonework and roof are wonderful. Good luck at the trade fair. Hugs Maria

  3. Wow, Paul! The house is fabulous! I really want to see inside.

  4. Love it!!! Gorgeous exterior finishes!

  5. Hey you! Just a note to see if yer still kickin', and to let you know how lovely I think this new piece is ... I too have been away quite awhile, but still want to say how much I miss our dyslexic exchanges.