Wednesday, 8 June 2011

House No.2 for this week

 Hiya again this week ...well another little creation again different topic , I wanted a stone built hut and something else I suppose . Anyway it is displayed as beach or creek type hut a bit ramshackle but still plenty of scope for refinement .... real shame I can't do dolls yet !! I quite fancied an old man sitting on the pier with a fishing rod ... sleeping waiting for the fishes. Overall I am very happy with it ... I have really got to learn how to take photos properly ..... mmmmm . The fishing nets on the roof was taken from an idea I saw of fisherman cottages from the Isles of  Scotland. They used thatched roofs then weighted them down with stones on ropes ...pretty cool .


  1. This is great! It looks so real! I feel like I could just walk in and start decorating and making it cozy inside--a little fire in the fireplace, some comfy armchairs, and a good book. Sounds heavenly!

  2. I really like this 'ceptin that the stone looks a little chilly to live in, but then again it's probably really cosy cos there'd be not draughts... Lovin' the "hairnet roof", how amazing is that!!

  3. Beautiful small house.
    I like very much the things you made.
    Very, very nice blog