Friday, 3 June 2011

Well back to the houses

Hi All

Sorry we've been off the beaten track a bit as we have been busy with fairs and shows and a bit of customer orders and the like .... now which way was is up?? None stop anyway and neglect after some fabulous comments being made about my waterfalls ...all greatly appreciated and ego boosting as well ...BIG THANKS ... and mini hugs ( I think that is what the jargon is ) to you all. Well to share a few pictures with you of one of the latest houses which has sold already here you go a smaller dwelling with a few different aspects added and plenty of new ideas being sprouted from it ...  this one is called Rowen cottage. In some the pictures it was not quite finished the last one is closest to the finished piece. I'll put some more photos on my website for Afan Valley Miniatures


  1. Very nice! I especially like the front entrance.

  2. An empty house ... is great to make the ideas bubbling in my head. I loved the windows and indeed the whole building.
    P.S. forgive the errors, I use a translator.

    A big hug.

  3. Oooh.. I love it! Gets all sorts of ideas flying inside my head of what to put in it =0}

    I see a little witch living in there..
    (I see witchy things almost every where *lol*)

  4. It's REALLY lovely, and yes like the other 'gals' I'm already furnishing and decorating in my mind - must be the 'nesting' gene at work...