Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Well its started .... front entrance facade

Thanks for the great comments suppose I have to deliver now so ...... to let you know I've started firstly on a mock up to see how things will go together and also to account for the 3D scaling side , I've started this off in 1:24 but already it shows some promise my intention would be to scale it up to 1:12. This is created from sheet polystyrene 2" thick then carved for the depth perception then coated in plaster, to this I will then add the odd solid extrusions i.e. ledges, plinths, major stonework and finish off with the intricate pieces and final finish. Some of the plaster is still wet hence the shine and the right hand side has been profiled awaiting final coating and finishing. It's fun so far ......... will let you know ..... also included a photo from the valley including my snapped clothes line sorry !!!


  1. Great start! I was wondering what scale you were going to use. I thought maybe 1:24 (which I've not done yet) How big will the whole thing be once it's complete if you do it in 1:12? I mean width & length.

  2. Hi Lainie , well in 1:24 I estimate it at about 3' wide and 4' long with a height of around 2'6" to the top of the tower. So, 1:12 it will be a little beastie internally it is a 2 storey affair with the tower rising 4 storeys but this does encompass a majestic staircase rising the 2 storeys then a vaulted ceiling . I'll post a couple of pictures for you ...

  3. A HUGE Miniature!
    I'm soooo excited about following this project!