Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Internal Pictures of Margam

As promised to Lainie a few pictures of the internal workings of Margam essentially there is only 2 rooms that have been restored to partial formal glory, the entrance hall and the staircase .The entrance hall has a vaulted ceiling and stained glass window and the staircase ceiling is similar to the entrance hall.
The rest of the castle has mixture of these walls left and red brick as can be seen in the left of the picture , so photos and research is required. It's fun for a few years I suppose ..


  1. These photos are intriguing, this sure is an major undertaking but how rewarding it will be. The photo of the old stone wall is now in my 'inspiration' folder, I love the huge variation in the size of the stones, the mossy (presume that's what it is) growth, and even a little fern or two hanging on for dear life! Just wonderful.

    BTW thanks for visiting and following my blog.

  2. Thank you sooo much for posting these! This project has totally engrossed me. I've only done small projects mostly because I'm afraid of the "big" ones. But this is great! I want to come to Wales immediately to see it in person!

  3. Great blog! Lainie is sending us over to see your work. Amazing.

    Victoria ♥

  4. I just about remember the fire in Margam, it was devestating to the castle. We have since had many lovely times at Margam and our eldest has stayed in the North Wing for a week on a school holiday. Maybe she will be able to describe some rooms you haven't seen and help a little with the research on this huge project :0)
    Julia x

  5. The valted ceiling looks a challange but fun, keep the post going it's fun to hear other peoples projects.

  6. Al hacer este tipo de edifisios tienes que documentarte muy bien. Yo aprovecharé tu blog para eso :)
    Este castillo es precioso y la dificultad muy muy alta.
    Besos Clara

  7. Norma ... thx glad you like them I photograph interesting stone features when I see them because as you say 'inspiring' when you look hard enough.
    Lainie ... your welcome anytime mind you it may 3 or 4 years to finish the model haha but go on have a go at a BIG project !!
    Victoria ... means I've got to come through with the goods now and that I plan to do
    Julia ... good idea I am already get some help from Margam i.e.back room tours and records but all information is really helpful so yes at some point in the future , probably one these days we will meet up in S Wales
    Marlene ... oh yes looking forward to the ceilings in fact I have already been playing with a technique that may work well I let you know
    Clara ... I can't guarantee a blog everyday but certainly as it progresses I'll do the key areas thank you for following