Friday, 24 September 2010

Well I'm humbled .....

Wow ..... so many followers in a short space of time ...welcome all and thank you for the encouragement and very rewarding posts and thank you Lainie for the advertising ( fancy a job doing all my my PR ... hahaha ). I know I am supposed to post all followers links but please forgive me as I am new to this game , but I will respond to each posting made by the individuals .
Well as an update to what has been happening I have been playing with finishes and colouring to get the original finish just right , difficult from black and white photos actually but there splotches on the current castle to get a pretty good idea. Apart from that a lot of phone calls and networking , so sorry no new photos but there will be tomorrow I promise , meanwhile I'll blog a few of my research photos ... hope you like them.
Top left fire place in the main entrance made of Mumbles marble, top right inside the central tower, bottom left inner court yard and bottom right the tower is the castles brewery ... 


  1. The enormity of this task just takes my breath away, so does the beauty of this stonework. The fireplace and ceiling are truly works of art.

    Re your comment about neglecting 'etiquette' and not posting personal linked welcomes, we all know you're a 'nice bloke' so don't fret about etiquette - we're all thrashing about in the dark to an extent when it comes to that anyway and the old saying of 'you'll never please all of the people all of the time' certainly applies - just keep on working on this fantastic project - and sharing it with us. That's what we're all here for after all :)

    (And don't forget that your sidebar followers profile feature lets us all see who your new followers are, and links us to their profiles with just a mouse click so we can check out those faces we don't know without you going to the time and trouble of doing the linking in a post.)

  2. Ohhhhh!!! Estou de boca aberta com a maravilha do seu projeto, mal posso esperar para acompanhar todas as fases. Pelo que já vi, tudo será lindo, perfeito!!!
    Parabéns!! Sou uma nova blogueira e nova tembém no mundo mini, por isso humildemente vou te seguir.

  3. Paul,
    I posted a very nice message, but lost it completely due to Blogger. Believe me when I say it was very eloquent. lol.
    I am going to go to Rachel's blog now to let her know I love her little pumpkins.
    And Billy (my other & sometimes better half) is writing a song and wanting me to write lyrics. What's up with that???

  4. I can't wait to see what you do with this building. It is a fantastic project!

  5. Estás haciendo un gran trabajo. Es un proyecto muy ambicioso. Volveré a tu blog para ver los adelantos. Esto es una fición, así que no te preocupes con avavzar más o menos. Cuando hayas hecho algo más ya lo enseñarás. No tengas prisa.
    Besos Clara