Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Just a Quick Update and a welcome to the new ones

Good Evening, well it is here , first welcome to my new followers and I have looked at all your blogs and to be honest it great to see the wide variation of talents that you all have. I am taking a lot of interest in in the way you artisans finish and the multitude of ideas that you guys have and plan to tap into a few for when I come across similiar scenarios ...if you don't mind that is ...hahaha . Well when I come doing the interiors you guys far exceed me I can do wood, plaster, brick ..in fact anything that is solid ..but when it comes to Fimo and soft furnishings well I give up.
Well as an update I have had to put the model aside for the time being as commercial reasons dictate I do some income generating work ...but saying that I am also talking to the authorities and powers to be and they are very interested in my project ..so fingers crossed . I will blog some photos on progress which has been interesting and the results are starting to come ... meanwhile my other project is my very first 'folly' house and I am really enjoying that ...great when you don't have to follow a plan and make it up as you are going along ..at the moment it it is a cross between Lord of the Rings and Disneyland ....
Well just to let you know I hadn't forgotten you guys and will photo blog V. soon ......promise


  1. Thanks for the welcome!
    Looking forward to seeing more of your work :)

  2. You blog it, we'll follow it - castle, folly, all sounds like fun to me!

  3. Hey get on with the blogging i wanna see pictures of your folly hahaha

  4. Hi,amazing project! I like it!Miniregards from sunny Spain.