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Monday, 20 September 2010

Latest Project and Welcomes

Good Evening and firstly welcome to my new interested people I very much appreciate the interest that you are all showing and to be honest a bit stunned. It does give me more reason to blog a bit more often I do apologise if I am missing some blog etiquette along the way.
So let me tell you about my latest project, well no point in starting small it's a Gothic Romatic castle that goes by the name of Margam Castle Wikipedia Information for those interested . It is a fantastic place and some of you may remember from Rachels blog that was where we had our first display , the picture on the left shows the front entrance and I am currently doing a mock up of it from this photo as any detailed plans are not available due to them being either stolen in 1941 when the army occupied it or further archives being lost in 1976 when the whole house was gutted by fire. I will blog a few of the stages as I am doing them but I see this as project for at least a few years as the main castle is shown in the second photo and the serving quarters and stables in the third . I just love this place and yes for those interested it is haunted , the interior is just bare bricks so that is going to be a real challenge. Anyway we will see how that gets along.


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  2. Can't wait to see what you're going to do! It will be very interesting! A mighty undertaking for sure.

  3. Good grief! You're obviously a miniaturist with BIG ideas - how exciting!!

  4. This will be fun to watch. You have my admiration for tackling such a big undertaking! Can't wait to see your progress.


  5. My goodness thats going to take over your life for how ever long it takes, good luck, I think we should all aim high, keep photo's coming as it goes along.