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Saturday, 18 September 2010

Wow Followers !!!

Thank you for my followers , does this mean I have to keep blogging I suppose it does ...yippee !! Anyway I can't promise the same frequency as Rachel 'Minimaid' she has a lot better control of the discipline side than I do  I tend to wander off in all directions. Well back to what we do best then blogging , I am in the middle of doing a Greenleaf MacKinley for Rachel and am trying a cotswold stone effect. The effect is created by placing a coating of plaster on the plywood then washing with a water colour wash, then scratching a random stone pattern after it has dried. I think it works quite well but I working on a better way to create more depth but as a facing it seems to work, I'll let you know if any more thoughts become evident.


  1. Thanks for the tip!

    BTW I'm sure we're just the 'advance guard' of your followers :)

  2. Thx Norma now I'm scared !!! I'm not like you seasoned veterans of the blogworld ...:}

  3. Forgot to reply about the header photo ... it is of a old railway bridge constructed during the coal mining era in the valley it is about half a mile away from us ...PS I like photgraphy as well so you will get plenty of landscapes to fill this blog ..hahaha

  4. We love mini's but also love to hear things when we wonder off subject, keep the local photo'd coming, I'm married to a Welshman, so I love the views in Wales.