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I am trading under Afan Valley Miniatures making scale models of buildings of all genres. My home website is www.afanvalleyminiatures.co.uk

Saturday, 30 April 2011

Don't go chasing water fountains .....

OK wrong words but still it contains water gushing from somewhere ....

Firstly, thank you all for those that have entered my giveaway still over a week away until I draw so not being an idle chappy I went and did another water fountain but wanted to play with adding water to it ... It is getting there but not quite there still some playing to go yet but I thought I would share a few photos ... again forgive the photography ...I really need to get some lessons or pay attention a bit more.

Tuesday, 26 April 2011

100 Followers Giveaway ...what's on offer !!

Hi Guys .... wow lovely comments from you all and a shot in the dark as to what I would produce ... well I've had a bash and come up with something totally different from anything before ...sorry for those expecting a house . So I made something a bit neutral ... a water fountain .... and yes of coarse a neglected one at that .... the foliage can be removed  it stands approx 15 cms or just under 6 inches tall by 12 cms or 4.5 inches round. Forgive the photos as I didn't have time to iron the back sheet. Well as far as I am concerned you are still all in if you posted on the previous blog and will include any attached for this blog ...drawing 8th May.  PS The photos don't do it justice ..maybe I should have drawn it !!!!

Wednesday, 20 April 2011

100 Followers - Giveaway

Well you could knock me down with a feather a 100 followers ...well 102 as I write ...Thank you all and certainly hope you will continue to follow ... so it is down to me to do a little prize giveaway ... Well a doll shouse is out of the question I suppose unless you live in the next village then I will deliver it ...so I will have to sort something else out . I blog again in the next few days after I have had a think or even you might like to suggest a few items given what I have previously blogged ... well you know the drill ... leave a comment on here or wait for the next blog post and decide whether it is worth it and I will combine both posts for the draw ... I have decided to draw it on the 8th May 

Wednesday, 13 April 2011

A Castle ..... well my first of many hopefully

  Hi Followees ... I built a castle well actually to be more accurate it is based upon a Barbican which was a castle out front of the main castle on the opposite bank to the castles moat. Like a front door without the door bell so suppose more a welcome mat for medieval knights and attacking army, they were introduced around the first crusades in the 10th century ( but please don't quote me literally ). Sorry, the decor is a bit sparse but that's what I do apart from that the people those days were the 'minimalist' culture of their day. I have built this on a table top so that legs attach underneath making it free standing but more to the point I can build the next section on another table and butt it up against until I have built a complete cross section through the castle.... that's the plan for the future projects anyway.