Saturday, 30 April 2011

Don't go chasing water fountains .....

OK wrong words but still it contains water gushing from somewhere ....

Firstly, thank you all for those that have entered my giveaway still over a week away until I draw so not being an idle chappy I went and did another water fountain but wanted to play with adding water to it ... It is getting there but not quite there still some playing to go yet but I thought I would share a few photos ... again forgive the photography ...I really need to get some lessons or pay attention a bit more.


  1. Ficou linda! Parabéns.

  2. Looks very nice! Good things seems to happen when you play :) so keep playing. Hug, Hanna

  3. Love the water fountain, the water looks so real :)


  4. How on earth do you get the water spout to 'defy gravity'??

  5. Whoa ... methinks you're now into a bit of sorcery and slight-of-hand. Do you have a teenie tiny wand that commands the waters to flow? What great imagination and skills you possess ... next it'll be lightning bolts and swirling stars!

  6. Okay ... just so we stay on the working side of dsylexia, that's supposed to read 'sleight-of-hand', rather than 'slight of hand', which to a guy might mean something entirely different !