Wednesday, 13 April 2011

A Castle ..... well my first of many hopefully

  Hi Followees ... I built a castle well actually to be more accurate it is based upon a Barbican which was a castle out front of the main castle on the opposite bank to the castles moat. Like a front door without the door bell so suppose more a welcome mat for medieval knights and attacking army, they were introduced around the first crusades in the 10th century ( but please don't quote me literally ). Sorry, the decor is a bit sparse but that's what I do apart from that the people those days were the 'minimalist' culture of their day. I have built this on a table top so that legs attach underneath making it free standing but more to the point I can build the next section on another table and butt it up against until I have built a complete cross section through the castle.... that's the plan for the future projects anyway.  


  1. As always the finish of the walls, etc is superb. I don't think life would have been much fun in those days, 'minimalist' is right! And cold and drafty! And worse of all no internet!! How was one supposed to keep up with what was going on - heck by the time you got word that your knights were engaging the enemy in battle they could all have been slaughtered and you'd wait in vain for weeks for them to bring home treasures...

    By the way congrats on reaching your first century :)

  2. Its on my project list to do a castle. Thanks for the beautiful inspiration.

  3. Both now working in miniatures and both working on castles - difference being mine is going to be a dragon hatchery :) Lovely to see your work Paul! best wishes x Nicky