Saturday, 13 November 2010

Well .... IT is nearly finished !!!

Greetings .... well my IT is nearly finished so I thought I would share a few pictures ... I still have to complete the outside scene but I think I now have a theme and a name for it . A Smithy forge ... so I will be doing a small stable enclosure out the front and some furniture in line a rustic image for inside . I will also be ageing and stressing it , the structure is mostly timber from the local forest so has been REAL good fun sanding , cutting and just in fact working it but it does provide a satisfactory appearance I think. Have you ever tried to find a straight stick in a forest ? Well , I tried and failed miserably but hopefully I built their uniqueness into the building. If you need to know more about any of the bits that I did then please drop me a line . I'll post some more pictures when it completes. Well ... hopefully I'll find a buyer for this unique building so that I can have room for the next.


  1. You've touched my heart with this!! It's such a very satisfying building - well done indeed!!

  2. Lovely! Lovely! Lovely!

  3. Fascinating and beautiful!

  4. Thank you all ... it was fun doing it and gave me plenty of new ideas .. at times I was going to pack it in as a lost cause but it kept nagging me . Anyway, I will have to put the finishing touches now i.e. a chimney ...and then on to the next project.

  5. Just love your buildings they have so much character and I will enjoy seeing your progress on the other houses etc.