Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Well just a little update

 Greetings all and welcome new followers , as I have been absent for a while I thought I would just drop a quick few lines to show you how my folly is progressing ...and yes I am still enjoying doing it but still haven't decided what it is ...well it's just and IT ....
In a clockwise direction my spiral staircase which has suspended stairs , top balcony with my plaster stressed oak panelling behind, wooden weather boards on the outside and my polystyrene oven/ fireplace and exposed beams. Hopefully the building will be completed by the end of the week ..... but we will see .... but I'll be back ...THQ for reading


  1. Love the stairs and the fireplace is awesome! I've been wanting to do some spiral stairs for a while now. Mine will be quite different, but you've given me some idea of "how to go there"!

  2. I want to live here!
    Love the exposed beams!! :)

  3. Lainie ... thx for the comments .. have you heard about using a fan to create a spiral staircase if you want a wrought iron one ? Let me know if you haven't.
    Glenda .. you are more than welcome ... glad to see your a Terry Pratchett fan as well !!!

  4. Yes I have heard of that and I am currantly searching for a fan to use.

  5. Una escalera perfecta. Me encanta este ambiente. Estas trabajando muy rápido y muy bien.
    Besos Clara