Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Hi Guys ...honestly I am still here ....

Greetings after a long time away from blogspot ... some may have found me on Facebook but generally and very much guiltily I have neglected blogspot. So apologies and let me bring you up to speed on what I have been doing in the miniature scene, This is going to be a collage of photos on quite a few topics , some are updates and some are new .... well here we go ...


  1. Hi!! I only know you in facebook (so I'm a new follower), and I must say your work is amazing, incredibly realistic!

    If you want to pop by my blog, it's nothing compared to your miniatures, but I'm doing a giveaway right now...

  2. You have been Busy! It all looks Wonderful! I Especially Love the Medieval-style Hall!

  3. I'm glad you reminded of your blog followers. I like a lot of your posts. ;)

  4. Que cantidad de fantasticos trabajos, son todos absolutamnete realistas.
    besitos ascension

  5. Hahaha .. thank you all Montse glad to see you on here as well small world in the cyber world really !! Daydreamer ...long term project the medieval mansion ..saying that only have till May ...that was my original time frame ... Eliana ..I know I am a bad boy :) ... I hope your still enjoying miniatures your work is lovely. Ascension ..Thank you well it is busy,busy most are for commissions so not a lot of choice but it is always nice to do variety ... Paul

  6. Otras maravillas
    Me siento muy pequeña al ver vuestro trabajo, imaginativo y bien hecho
    Mis felicitaciones

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