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I am trading under Afan Valley Miniatures making scale models of buildings of all genres. My home website is www.afanvalleyminiatures.co.uk

Sunday, 20 February 2011

A BIG welcome

Good Evening

Wow what a jump in followers thanks to Norma at MAKEMINEMINI singing my praises too much and also some new followers who found their way as well. Well welcome to you all and hopefully I can provide sufficient stimulus for you all.

Some might notice that I have changed the design of the blog and added a list of pages at the top of some of my creations , I hope you like them and I will keep updating the blog as I learn more that this domain has to offer along the lines of publication.

Well I leave you guys to get on with it but a big thank you all for following.

Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Time taken out to pursue a few different things

Greetings ... thank you again for your welcome comments , I thought I would share a few off topic constructions that I have done purely for a break and fun. The first is a large dog kennel still in 1/12th and of coarse it had to be a bit weathered ....

The second item are some quaint garden buildings one being an outhouse the other a shed both done in brick with a corrugated roof. They were fun to do and allowed a change in technique practice.

Friday, 4 February 2011

I'm going to change my name I think .... to blue moon

Hiya all and deepest apologies for the lack of blogging hence the name change to blue moon as that is often as I do. Welcome to the many new followers that have arrived and follow , and thank you so kindly for the superb comments from the last post at the beginning of Jan... I don't deserve you guys !!!!
Well there is no if's or but's about it I've been busy setting the business up and also making progress with the new model ...which as it happens I have decided to call Rowen Manor. Although there is still a couple of weeks left of work I thought I would share with you ...the so far pictures.As you can see there are different shades of stonework as I am trying to decide the best the interior is mostly finished but it is a bit heavy to keep shifting around ..so next blog I promise.