Sunday, 20 February 2011

A BIG welcome

Good Evening

Wow what a jump in followers thanks to Norma at MAKEMINEMINI singing my praises too much and also some new followers who found their way as well. Well welcome to you all and hopefully I can provide sufficient stimulus for you all.

Some might notice that I have changed the design of the blog and added a list of pages at the top of some of my creations , I hope you like them and I will keep updating the blog as I learn more that this domain has to offer along the lines of publication.

Well I leave you guys to get on with it but a big thank you all for following.


  1. Hey Paul Love your new blog! How'd you get the tabs? I've been wanting to do that, but haven't had the time to search for a template. Is it Blogger?

  2. Hi Lainie ... saw it on someone else then went looking and found it on this bloggers site all credit to this blogger ... have fun quite easy once you have done one page ... tada

  3. I am glad Norma did a post on you. Love your work and am a little starstruck. Maybe a lot starstruck :).

    The link you gave Lainie is very useful. Thanks!