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Friday, 25 November 2011

Current Little Project to Share

 Hey Guys .... yes off the cyber web again for a while a bit tied up with a few family matters so forgiveness is begged. Mind you I have managed some hours in the work shed and produced this 1:12 village school/hall/Chapel for a commision. Really enjoyed doing this as I did at one time attend a school like this ...many moon ago.

 Well it is not quite finished as I need to do a floor which I am thinking will be a parkee type floor or slotted boards. It is supposed to be a school but I have hopefully left it open to interpretation just in case. Staged as a Victorian school but as most of these schools are now tranformed into village halls now well its still essentially the same type of structure.
I will dedicate this one to my friends on blogspot that I seem to neglect ... but I will be in touch very soon .... I promize ( Monica :) )


  1. Always interesting to see your projects. The texture on the stone work is lovely. I've been playing with a type of handyman concrete powder recently and I think I'm in love! It's tough as can be yet light, sculpts easily into different textures, sands well - I've used it on the tree house to similuate bark and I'm absolutely over the moon with how it's gone. Finished painting it now and it really does look like bark. I have an upper ceiling to instal then I hope to get some pics on my blog. I'll email you when they're up.

  2. I love your work...gorgeous!