Sunday, 2 October 2011

Ooops and sorry

Hiya ... Firstly apologies for the strange post yesterday ... with all the changes to Google and Facebook and Picasa so many new buttons to push and try out that I blogged without knowing it .... eeeehhhh!!

Anyway firstly welcome to the new guys following the blog and tremdously big thank you to the posts and comments made by my friends on the previous posts ... only apoligies for not acknowledging them ... ( there you go Monica have a field day with this spelling catastrophe all my own work ... hahaha). As Norma commented previously the last house was out of my comfort zone so guess what I've gone back ... featured walls. If you did have look at the Picasa album then these new ones are the Technicolour( spelling right me British ... haha) release. Each of the brick panels are removable and that will be the next step in the project ... blog when ready. Anyway these pics show as it stands with the colouring added but still awaiting top coating and polishing. By the way it started out as a Halloween grave yard scene ..... mmmm got lost in translation somewhere .... have fun ... Paul


  1. I've had some problems trying to leave a comment here over the last little while so I'll try again.

    The brickwork and the stone on the floor look really great, happy to see you back in your 'comfort zone' again.

    PS - how funny that you accidentally posted something - it's probably easier to do than we care to think about

  2. Brilliant work Paul, very original - makes me want a guided tour of some medieval castle.

    Keep it up.


  3. Hey you ... I see you've been up to your usual incredible works. The stonemasonry, and the wall (desgins ... I know you can read this word fellow Dyslexic United member) are wonderful. Are you cold over there yet ... any snow? Write and let me know how you are, and any interesting tidbits about Wales and the local Walers. Cheers, m