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I am trading under Afan Valley Miniatures making scale models of buildings of all genres. My home website is www.afanvalleyminiatures.co.uk

Saturday, 14 May 2011

Ok it's another water fountain ...sorry

Hi All ... well again it's another water fountain different format and different materials ... well I enjoyed the first one so much I am adding these to my retinue of creations. Well I hope you like water .. me being a Pisces am attracted to the water so seems fitting ... and yes for Norma the water is defying gravity again in the true down under style !

Wednesday, 11 May 2011

On the home front

And me again ... well getting ready for the next show I thought I would share a few more creations which I amd planning to sell .
I enjoyed the previous fountains so much that I thought I would try my hand at carving from plaster and put some water in the feature as well ... not too sure about the orange hair yet it may change to white.

 Looking for a new workshop my new line of garden workshops is now available .... well I only wish my shed was this big in real scale and it is only 8"x8" ... and this one has more windows ... and of coarse a lot more cleaner !!

I'm a Mommy ......

 Hello .... Look what I won last week a baby fairy and I tell you what cute and tiny she is but boy does she talk !!

Her creator is the very talented Louise of  Angelique Miniatures have a look at the rest of her dolls but also catch up with this zany lady on her blog on word press here

Well now I will have to build her a house I suppose !!!

Monday, 9 May 2011

Giveaway Winner is ....

Here you go me be a lazy guy I copied and pasted all your comments on both posts for the giveaway and placed them in the random list generator on this website , then pressed the button to randomize the whole list and the winner that came out on top is SUSI of MINIEDEN 
Congratulations Susi if you can e-mail me your postal address I will get the fountain on its' way to you , thank you all for your interest and sorry I didn't have more to give away ...... I look forward to my next threshold now then ...

Friday, 6 May 2011

Artisans in Miniature FREE imag

Hi Guys .. a bit late in posting but the new free on line magazine is available from these wonderful artisans the only true magazine created by artisans for the artisans and it's FREE .... oh also my castle appears in it ..haha. Click on the image to get the link